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Flag Stands

All our flag stands are designed to hold at least five flags and the bottoms can be accessed to add additional weight. 

Custom flag stands and brass lettering available upon request.     

Flag Stands

Box type W/ Brass lifting handles for up to five flags.

Oak $825.00 - 1101

Walnut $935.00 - 1102

Mahogany $935.00 - 1103

Maple $925.00 - 1104

Ships wheel W/ brass lifting handles for up to five flags.

Oak $1359.00 -1105

Walnut $1459.00 - 1106

Mahogany $1459.00 - 1107

Crossed Anchors

Oak 1469.00

Walnut 1569.00

Mahogany 1569.00

2" wood lettering 6.00 per letter.

Call/email for pricing brass lettering.